Product No. P11780

Magnesium citrate is the citrate salt of magnesium. It comes in a fine white powder.  It is an essential mineral and one of the most common electrolytes in the human body. As an electrolyte it helps to maintain fluid balance. It also acts as a cofactor in over 300 enzyme systems. Magnesium deficiency is prevalent when people follow a western diet where sources of magnesium such as nuts and leafy green vegetables are less common in the diet. 

Magnesium in the body contributes to:

Reduction of tiredness and fatigue and energy-yielding metabolism

Electrolyte balance

Neurotransmission and muscle contraction including the heart muscle

Protein synthesis and cell division

Contribution to normal psychological functions

Maintenance of teeth and bones

Magnesium Citrate itself has a three-fold higher availability than magnesium oxide therefore it is the most commonly used form of supplemental Magnesium.

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