Product No. P11733

  • L-Histidine monohydrochloride monohydrate
  • Vegan 
  • Contains glucose from corn 
  • Suitable for use in blends, shakes, capsules and food
L-histidine mono HCl powder is an essential amino acid which was once believed to only be essential for infants. L-histidine, known chemically as proteinogenic amino acid, provides the body with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation and anti-secretory properties. Although L-histidine is an essential amino acid, humans can biosynthesise very small amounts in the form of 3-methyl histidine, however, this is not enough to meet the body’s needs. 

One of histidine’s characteristics is that it contains imidazole functions meaning it is soluble in water and produces a mildly alkaline solution. Histidine can be found mostly in animal proteins such as eggs, meat and dairy, but can also come from some plant-based sources such as rye, rice and wheat. 

L-histidine is commonly used as a health supplement to support joint function but can also be used to support blood pressure and the nervous system. 

Interestingly, when someone has a deficiency in L-histidine, the most common symptom is eczema. 

L-histidine mono HCl powder is suitable for use in blends, shakes, capsules and food.

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