Product No. P11963

  • Panax Ginseng ca meyer
  • 4:1 extract
  • Vegan

Ginseng Korean extract 4:1 is the light yellow fine powdered extract of the root of the Panax Ginseng ca meyer plant. Panax or Korean ginseng has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for preventative purposes. 

Panax Ginseng contains a number of active components called 'ginsenosides', which are steroid like phytochemicals that are limited to the ginseng species.  

Studies reveal that taking Korean ginseng (up to 400mg) increases cognition acutely and this is thought to happen due to the anti-fatigue properties of ginseng. A decrease in fasting blood glucose, better mood, increased blood flow and increases in antioxidant enzymes have all been noted after Korean ginseng supplementation (in several studies).

Ginseng Korean extract 4:1 is ideal for use in supplements for cognitive function and brain health.

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