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Hops are widely cultivated in Europe, parts of Asia, and North America. The female flower (or strobile) is yellowish-green, cone-like, and about 2.5–3cm long and 2–2.5cm broad. It has a small seed-like fruit at the base.

Hops taste bitter and the odour is characteristic and aromatic. They contain volatile oil, flavonols, resin, and miscellaneous ingredients such as tannins and lipids.

The strobiles are used as a sedative and to help combat sleeplessness when taken orally or placed in a pillow. Their bitterness when ingested makes them an effective gastric stimulant, and they have been found to help improve the symptoms of irritable bowel and incontinence. Hops are also used as a tonic, diuretic, and aromatic bitter and for their antimicrobial activity. Most commonly, they are used to produce beer.

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