Product No. P05055

  • Powdered dried fruit of Sambucus nigra 

  • Actives: Flavonoids, Anthocyanes, Volatile Oil, Different Sugars, Cyanog, Glycosides

  • Elderberry powder is ideal for use in blends, capsules and tablets for its antioxidant properties

Also known as Sambucus nigra, elderberries can be found growing in the wild in Europe. They grow in clusters (turning from green to black) on leafy trees, which blossom with many tiny white flowers – known as elderflowers. Elderberry powder is a fine, dark purple powder made from dried fruit. 

Since ancient times, elderberry has been believed to be the best herbal therapy for fevers and colds. Researchers have discovered that this is due to the fact that the elderberry is rich in bioflavonoids, which strengthen cell membranes, thereby making it less easy for virus enzymes to penetrate. It is also believed that elderberry may inhibit the enzyme that weakens the cell membranes.

Elderberry promotes the sweating that can reduce the symptoms of a fever, reduces inflammation, and provides vitamin C to help ward off and shorten the duration of colds, flu, and respiratory illnesses. Other medicinal purposes include use as a mild laxative, and as a treatment for chronic rheumatism, neuralgia and sciatica. 

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