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Copper sulphate exists as a series of compounds that differ in their degree of hydration. The hydrated form is a bright blue powder, whereas the anhydrous form is a pale green-grey/white powder.

Copper sulphate occurs in nature as the pentahydrate. This mineral is often called chalcanthite. Before melting, copper sulphate decomposes and the common pentahydrate form dehydrates. When placed near an open flame the crystals will turn greyish white.

Copper sulphate can be made in a laboratory and used to plate metals with copper, as a fungicide or herbicide. Its used in a wide variety of things from Bordeaux mixture in agriculture, to hair dyes and the processing ot materials and leather.

Copper sulphate is also believed to be used as a test for blood sugar and anemia, a drop of blood is added to copper sulphate solution and the resuts are measured on if it floats or sinks.

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