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Citric acids are known as alkalinisers, and are derived from fruits and vegetables. They are important to maintain good health - if the Citric Acid Cycle is not functioning properly, the body will not operate at optimum level, as proven by the Citric Acid Cycle discovered by Dr. Hans Adolph Krebs.

They are considered to be an important contributor in eliminating diseases. Citric acids are used to make the blood more alkaline in order to treat certain conditions. They are one of the best remedies for fatigue as they keep pH levels in a weakly alkaline state, which allows the adrenal glands to more efficiently fight diseases such as;

  • arteriosclerosis
  • virus infections
  • high and low blood pressure
  • stress
  • asthma
  • diabetes

    Citric acids aid in the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients in to the blood system. They maintain a healthy liver and kidneys, and are helpful in relieving the symptoms of stomach ulcers, and treating kidney stones.

    By taking Citric Acids, the whole body metabolism improves, as well as general health.

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