Product No. P03222

Chocolate is one of the most craved foods in the world, and delivers not only powerful sensory benefits such as aroma, flavour and texture, but also mood-related benefits such as increased energy. RFI, formulaters of Chocamine, recognised that few products in the food and functional ingredient market could deliver the same attributes and impact, and dedicated themselves to developing a solution.

Chocamine is a patented cocoa-based ingredient, comprised of a synergistic blend of substances found in chocolate and known to promote energy, focus, mood and performance, as well as satisfy cravings. RFI say 'the beneficial effects of chocolate come from more than one component and Chocamine is standardised to leverage the full symphony'. The most notable compounds include xanthine alkaloids (principally theobromine, a mild stimulant and cognitive aid), amino acids, nutritional minerals, biogenic amines, anandamides and polyphenols.

Chocamine is an ideal functional ingredient for use in many foods and dietary supplements.



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