Product No. P02057

  • Betaine Base Anhydrous (Tri-Methyl Glycine)

  • 1% Silicon Dioxide

Betaine is found in most microorganisms, plants, and marine animals. Its main physiologic functions are to protect cells under stress and as a source of methyl groups needed for many biochemical pathways. Betaine is also found naturally in many foods and is most highly concentrated in beets, spinach, grain, and shellfish.

Betaine anhydrous is a compound that is known for its health benefits for the body. It regulates certain systems and substances so that your body may function properly. The anhydrous compound also contains relaxing effects that work against stress.  

Betaine anhydrous helps lower your body's homocysteine levels, a toxic substance obtained through meat digestion, which in turn lowers the dangers of cardiovascular problems. It is also thought to be effective in keeping the intestine functioning properly and aiding cell production.  

Betaine anhydrous is also known to be lipotropic. This means that it promotes the oxidisation of lipids, and may help the body to burn fat faster. 

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