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Research has shown that barley can play a significant role in lowering blood cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic subjects. Other studies have shown that non-insulin dependent diabetics (Type II) had improved blood glucose levels as a result of including barley in their diet. It should be noted that barley rates a very low 27 on the glycemic index.

In addition, barley has high concentrations of tocotrienols, antioxidant compounds that work to suppress the activity of the first rate-limiting enzyme (HMG-CoA Reductase) in the liver, thus reducing cholesterol synthesis. And barley is one of the highest known sources of beta-glucans, carbohydrates that have remarkable immune boosting properties and have been shown to improve blood glucose and lipid levels among diabetics in clinical trials.

Historically, barley has been used for thousands of years. The Romans and Greeks both included barley as a staple in their diet. In ancient Rome, a food made from sprouted barley, honey, and colostrum was used to sustain infants whose mothers died in childbirth. In more recent years, the same formula has been used by the UN to prevent starvation in Third World countries.

Activated Barley is a pre-sprouted grain that burns slowly and provides energy and endurance. The point behind activated barley is in harnessing its energy. In a dry barley pearl, the energy is dormant - unavailable. All of the energy is expended in the actual act of making the barley sprout, and once it has, it is used up and is no longer available. Pre-sprouted barley locks the energy within the grain, easily and readily available. The energy locked in the pre-sprout phase can then nourish the body rather than make the barley sprout.

Like normal barley, the activated variety ranks incredibly low on the glycemic index, and has all of the nutritional value of barley, including high levels of tocotrienols and beta glucans. In fact, pre-sprouting increases beta glucan levels by up to 80% according to some tests. It contains thousands of active enzymes, and as it is an ultra-long-chain carbohydrate that takes up to 4 hours to break down in the digestive tract, it provides a slow, sustained release of energy, which actually lowers the body's insulin response. Activated barley provides over 400% more energy per calorie than any other food calorie known.

The fibre from the Activated Barley also forms a gelatinous medium creating a stable, steady release of nutrients, which include high levels of the antioxidant and oxygen scavenger super oxide dismutase. It contains around 5% of omega-3 and 4% per cent omega 6 within its excellent micronutrient profile.

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