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Asparagine is a non-essential amino acid, which means that it is manufactured from other amino acids in the liver - it does not have to be obtained directly through the diet. Its structure is exactly the same as the amino acid Aspartic Acid apart from the latter compund's acidic side-chain carboxyl group has been coupled with ammonia, yielding an amide.

Asparagine was first isolated in 1932 from asparagus, and is widely available in plant protein, although it can also be found in dairy, beef, poultry and eggs.

It is required by the nervous system to maintain equilibrium, and also for amino acid transformation from one form to another, which takes place in the liver.

Asparagine is interrelated with the amino acid aspartic acid. Low levels of asparagine may indicate poor metabolism or synthesis of aspartic acid, which can result in the inability to properly synthesise and excrete urea, which is the major waste product of excess dietary protein. The inability to excrete urea can result in buildup of nitrogen-containing toxic metabolites that can lead to confusion, headaches, depression and irritability.

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