Volac ProCrisp

Volactive ® ProCrisp

Volactive® ProCrisp | The light and crispy protein sensation 
Whey protein is a simple and neutral tasting solution providing one of the highest quality protein sources available. It helps maintain muscle mass, delivers the most sought after health benefits such as maintaining a strong body, having the stamina to keep you going throughout the day and managing a healthy weight through feelings of satiety.
Volac’s long-standing heritage, scientific knowledge and superior whey processing capability lies behind the development of the market leading Volactive range of nutritional whey proteins. 
Volactive® ProCrisp is an extruded crisp combining whey protein isolate and rice flour. It delivers a light and crispy protein sensation, fortifying and improving the texture in nutritionally enhanced foods, such as breakfast cereals and snack bars.
Volactive® ProCrisp is the ideal solution for food manufacturers, overcoming many of the formulation issues associated with other proteins, for example, taste and profile of essential amino acids.
Volactive® ProCrisp is an Informed-Sport approved ingredient.

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