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Gencor™ specialises in botanical ingredients to meet the changing health needs of consumers.

Testofen® - P32796 – a fenugreek extract designed to boost testosterone levels 

HydroCurc™ - P10489 – cold water dispersible curcumin extract

ActivAMP® - P11183 – an extract of Gynostemma pentaphyllum which has been demonstrated to contribute to weight loss

Aquacelle™ 35% DHA algae - P10945 – a unique combination of ingredients designed to increase absorption of DHA

Libifem® - P51590 – an extract to support healthy levels of estradiol in women

Slimaluma® - P34244 – an extract with appetite suppressing qualities to help prevent hunger-induced calorie consumption post-exercise to help maintain a healthy and consistent weight

Gencinia® - P11184 – an extract which has been shown to help maintain a healthy blood sugar level when used as part of the diet

Genopause® - P11185 – a non-estrogenic formula made up of four herbs which help diminish a range of normal symptoms associated with menopause

Levagen® - P11786 – a type of palmitoylethanolamide designed for joint health

Levagen+™ - P12173 – utilises LipiSperse® for 1.8x more bioavailability.

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