Vitamin D Could Prevent Colds or Flu

Thu 23 Feb 2017

Vitamin D Could Prevent Colds or Flu
New research published in The British Medical Journal shows that vitamin D supplementation could prevent more than three million people in the UK from suffering with a cold or flu each year. The analysis also argues that food should now be fortified with vitamin D.
Whilst vitamin D is mostly known for its use in bone health, it also plays a key role in supporting the immune system. The body uses vitamin D to create antimicrobial weapons that puncture holes in bacteria and viruses.
Results of a study showed that one person would be free from infection for every 33 people taking a vitamin D supplement. These results are more effective than the flu vaccination which needs 40 people to treat one case. However, the flu is a more serious infection than a cold due to the implications it can have for the elderly and pregnant women.
Though vitamin D is produced naturally in the skin whilst out in the sun, levels can drop throughout the dark winter months and supplementation may be beneficial.
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