Focus On: Sucari®

Fri 10 Feb 2017

Focus On: Sucari®

Sugar has come under much scrutiny in recent months as high consumption is linked to tooth decay, obesity and low self-esteem. According to a report from Mintel, 71% of consumers now believe that the food and drink industry should be taking more action to reduce the amount of sugar in their products. A further 46% of Brits have taken at least one course of action to reduce their sugar intake due to health concerns.

Consumers are often unaware that many savoury products have a very high sugar content. Last year it was revealed that some pasta sauces contain so much sugar they should only be consumed once a week.

As many are already aware, in April 2018 the UK government is planning a tax on sugar sweetened drinks in an effort to tackle the nation’s obesity. Currently, the plan is to have two bands: soft drinks with more than 5g of sugar per 100ml and soft drinks with more than 8g of sugar per 100ml. The government expects this legislation will raise £520m in its first year.

Sucari® Plant-Based Sweetener

Cambridge Commodities developed Sucari® by combining carefully selected plant derived sweeteners to deliver a taste, texture and mouthfeel that is close to traditional sugar. Sucari® contains only a fraction of the calories of sugar whilst not compromising on taste. It is suitable for use in food and drink product development as per local legislation.

Benefits of Sucari®:

  • Does not cause spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels
  • A source of fibre
  • Better for tooth health

Emma Cattell, research and development nutritionist at Cambridge Commodities said:

“Sucari® can act as a stepping stone towards healthier products for individuals familiar with a high sugar intake and a preference for sweet products.

Sweetener blends are an innovative way to use selected ingredients to meet specific requirements. Blends are effective because it can be difficult to work with individual sweeteners on their own due to factors such as intensity and aftertaste. It takes a careful balance to get the right effect when blending sweeteners and at Cambridge Commodities, we believe we’ve cracked it!”

For more information on Sucari® and how to incorporate it into your formulation, please contact us.