Almost Half of Consumers Expect Natural Products

Wed 23 Nov 2016

Almost Half of Consumers Expect Natural Products
According to a new report from Euromonitor International, 47% of consumers are now looking for food that is made using all-natural ingredients and a further 45% want products to be free from artificial ingredients. Since last year alone, the number of consumers looking for natural food has grown by 44% as we all become more cautious about what we eat and drink.
In addition to this, Euromonitor has also found that one third of consumers carefully read food and beverage labels to scan for ingredients they do not wish to consume. Many also seek naturally occurring vitamins.
Despite the significant rise in consumers seeking natural food, Euromonitor has recorded many different variants in how consumers define natural. The most common of these were ‘chemical free’ and ‘does not contain artificial ingredients’. However, in some cases consumers do not trust the ‘natural’ label claim and think it is used only for marketing purposes or as a way for brands to charge more for their products. This issue calls for brands to do more to reassure consumers how their products are natural and what the benefits of them are.