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Plant powders and extracts

Green tea extract min 15% polyphenols decaff (max 0.5% caffeine)

Product code: P07413

Our Green tea extract is a fine, green to brown powdered extract from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis (L.)

Originating in China, green tea does not undergo the same oxidation process as black tea, meaning green tea has a higher polyphenol content. These polyphenols such as EGCG have been shown to have multiple beneficial physiological effects.

Several studies suggest that green tea both as a drink and as an extract are beneficial to cardiovascular and cognitive health through atherosclerosis prevention, vasodilation and cholesterol formation inhibition. Green tea polyphenols can act as a weight loss agent, especially when combined with caffeine through several biochemical mechanisms. Supplementation with green tea extract is also associated with a reduction in facial acne and improved immune system response (NK cells).

Overall, dietary supplementation with green tea extract can have a positive effect on cardiovascular, cognitive, and aesthetic systems in the human body.

It is suitable for use incapsules, tablets and blends for weight loss, cardiovascular health and skin health supplements.

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