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The name for Panax ginseng is derived from the Greek word panacea, meaning ‘cures everything’. Panax roots contain ginsenosides, of which 29 different constituents have been identified. These can be divided into two main groups, those with a sedative effect and those with a stimulatory effect. The former are mostly derived from the small roots and the latter from the larger roots. Panax ginseng tends to contain more of the stimulatory ginsenosides whereas American ginseng tends to contain more of the relaxing ginsenosides. Panax ginseng promotes the activity of white blood cells against bacterial and viral infections, boosting immunity. Doses of Panax ginseng range from 200-1000mg per day. Usually an individual will begin with a dose on the lower end of the scale and work upwards. 600mg daily is suggested to be an optimum dose. 

Existing evidence supports the theory that the adaptogens E. senticosus and P. ginseng can help to alleviate or supress fatigue in its many forms. Nevertheless, it is expected that further controlled studies in humans will be performed for a better understanding of the full spectrum of benefits these ingredients may provide. Ginseng can easily be supplemented in the diet in the form of powders, capsules, tablets, extracts or tonics.

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