Product No. P03173

Celadrin is a complex mixture of esterified fatty acids, derived from beef fat, which has remarkably strong effects on reducing inflammation and making joints more flexible.

Celadrin is an all natural proprietary blend of eight cetylated fatty acids. These include Myristoleic Acid (or Cetyl Myristoleate), Myristic Acid and Oleic Acid. 'Cetylated' means that the fatty acids are esterified with cetyl alcohol, which is a substance closely related to fats. This makes Celadrin different from normal fats, because normal fats are mixtures of fatty acids esterified with glycerol, and also means that Celadrin is much more fluid than normal fats.

Celadrin works by increasing the fluidity of cell membranes; often, they are stiffer than they should be because of inflammation-promoting parts of an immune system that are over-stimulated, and also often because the diet is not high enough in the right sort of unsaturated fats to keep those membranes fluid.

Celadrin not only directly works against inflammation, but also makes the synovial fluid (the fluid inside the joints) a better lubricant, which in turn helps the condition of the joints and makes them more flexible and less painful.

Celadrin has been shown to be very safe & efficacious as evidenced by double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical & scientific studies. Celadrin has also been shown to help the rebuilding of cartilage damaged by injury or arthritis; it works particularly well in combination with glucosamine for this use.

Celadrin, although technically a fat, is much more easily absorbed than most fats. Because of its effects on the fluidity of cell membranes, it is also beneficial for  just about all parts of the body, including blood vessel walls and the skin, making both more flexible. 

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