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Andrographis is a member of the Acanthaceae family, and it has been used for centuries in Asia to treat GI tract and upper respiratory infections, fevers and chronic and infectious diseases. Recent studies suggest that it may also be of benefit in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

The major active components of Andrographis are a group of diterpenoid lactones called andrographolides. While the andrographolides have no antibacterial activity, andrographolide has been shown to inhibit aggregation of blood platelets, which helps to explain its anti-inflammatory effect on colds and other inflammatory conditions.

The herb is also credited with stopping the spread of influenza in India during the 1919 epidemic, and was used to treat many epidemics throughout history. However, it is now thought that the action of Andrographis is due to its effect on the immune response (mediated via the adrenal glands) rather than specific antimicrobial activity. Studies have suggested that Andrographis may be useful in preventing heart disease and help protect the liver from toxic injury. It is also used to treat a wide range of parasites and microbial infections.

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