Volac WPXP

Volactive ® UltraWhey XP

Volactive ® UltraWhey XP | Pure protein power
Volactive UltraWhey XP is a premium quality whey protein isolate. Containing at least 92% whey protein, XP is ultra filtrated through a low temperature, low pressure process to create an extra pure whey protein ingredient that is low in lactose and fat.
Protein is a complex nutrient, and through nutritional understanding and advanced processing knowledge Volac ensure that Volactive UltraWhey is the highest quality, and the most useful, versatile protein available.
Additional steps required to produce Volactive UltraWhey XP ensure that it is the benchmark for high protein performance. Where absolute protein is required for superior ultra premium products Volactive UltraWhey XP provides the performance edge.
Volac is the only Informed-Sport accredited company in Europe to produce high-performance whey proteins with its Volactive UltraWhey range.

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