Volac WPC80

Volactive ® UltraWhey 80

Volactive ® UltraWhey 80 | Whey protein nutrition at its best
Volactive UltraWhey 80 is a premium quality whey protein concentrate used for a wide variety of nutritional applications. Produced from a fresh sweet whey source and containing at least 80% protein it has the ideal qualities for blending and as an ingredient for producing nutritionally advanced products. 
Muscle regeneration is a continuous process, aided by protein nutrition and everyday exercise. Volactive UltraWhey 80 provides an exceptionally high level of essential and branched chain amino acids to make this process more efficient. 
Protein is a complex nutrient, and through nutritional understanding and advanced processing knowledge Volac ensure that Volactive UltraWhey 80 is the highest quality, and the most useful, versatile undenatured protein available. 
A light creamy powder, Instantised or non Instantised the product mixes exceptionally well has a neutral taste and a clean mouthfeel. 
Volac is the only Informed-Sport accredited company in Europe to produce high-performance whey proteins with its Volactive UltraWhey range.

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