Phytofare vs green tea


Plandaí Biotech’s Phytofare®, is the only clinically proven green tea extract shown to be bioavailable.

Generic green tea extracts are thought to have bioavailability of between 1-10% whereas Phytofare® is believed to have a bioavailability of 60-80%. Phytofare® green tea leaves are grown on Plandaí’s estate in South Africa, providing full traceability, consistency and assurance.

Green tea catechins are one of the most well researched and recognised phytochemicals however, the flavonoids in green tea are often poorly absorbed. Plandaí has addressed this problem through the use of technology to enhance the absorption of the bioactive compounds. Green tea leaves are processed within an hour of picking. The proprietary processing and extraction system used then alters the properties of the phytonutrients and rearranges them into nano-sized irregular crystals.

The process employed by Plandaí uses microscopic cavitation to remove the solids and leave the nutrients intact and highly bioactive. This process leaves all eight of the green tea catechins compared with just two found in generic green tea extracts. High bioavailability has been demonstrated using double blind human clinical trials, the results showed Phytofare® to be ten times more bioavailable than generic green tea extracts. Catechins were also shown to remain active in the bloodstream at therapeutic levels for over 24 hours.

Phytofare® is suitable for the sports nutrition, beauty, health and wellness and healthy ageing categories in the following formats:

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Powder blends
  • Gels
  • Foods 

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