Cambridge Commodities Launches Vitamin D Powder from Mushrooms

Fri 08 Sep 2017

Cambridge Commodities Launches Vitamin D Powder from Mushrooms

We are excited to announce the launch of our exclusive mushroom-based vitamin D powder VitaShroom D®.

VitaShroom D® is produced exclusively for Cambridge Commodities in Europe where the mushrooms are harvested and processed on the same site meaning every step of the supply chain is controlled and traceable.

Clare Baker, head of product development at Cambridge Commodities said: “We are very excited about the launch of VitaShroom D® as it comes from a wholefood, natural source: mushrooms. Plant-based vitamin alternatives such as VitaShroom D® are really in demand from consumers as they look for clean label, natural and authentic ingredients in their food.”

Supplements and fortified foods containing vitamin D have grown in popularity due to the high media exposure the vitamin has received. It is essential for the everyday health of teeth and bones for a variety of groups including children, indoor workers and the elderly who are at risk of developing a deficiency. VitaShroom D® provides a high vitamin D content of 7500IU per gram and is high in protein and fibre.

Baker commented “The plant-based powder provides a convenient way to boost vitamin D intake in the diet to support teeth and bone health. As well as being used in supplements, the pleasant flavour makes VitaShroom D® ideal for a variety for all food applications including soup, ready meals and hot drinks.”

For more information and to request a sample of VitaShroom D®, please contact our sales team.