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Volac is a leader in the application of dairy nutrition, manufacturing and supplying performance nutrition products around the world. Volac nutritional whey proteins are designed for high performance in applications for healthy consumers. Volac specialises in the filtration and drying of natural soluble whey protein, delivering ingredients ideally suited to nutritonally demanding markets where taste, ease of application, and convenience are key requirements. CCL are the authorised and approved UK distributor for smaller volume volac.com/lifestyle protein products.

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US-based Kelatron manufactures value-added minerals to fulfill all supplementation needs. Kelatron has invested significant resources into spray drying and micronization technology, and the range of fully-reacted products offers maximum flexibility and efficacy including purity, potency, bio-availability and solubility. CCL are pleased to be UK distributor of Kelatron’s EU-approved premium K-Pure mineral range.

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Founded in 1988, Sabinsa Corporation manufactures and markets phytonutrients, Ayurvedic herbal extracts and specialty fine chemicals for nutritional, pharmaceutical and food industries. Among their portfolio of popular products are; Bioperine®, Boswellin® HBD, Citrin®K, Digezyme®, Forslean®,  Lactospore® and Resveratrol.

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InterHealth Nutraceuticals is a nutritional life sciences company that researches, develops, manufactures, markets and distributes proprietary nutritional ingredients. These products are sold worldwide to manufacturers of dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages, animal and cosmeceutical products. InterHealth is known for its groundbreaking, innovative products that address many of the most important health concerns facing consumers today, including weight management, blood sugar control, cardiovascular support, and bone and joint health. The company's proprietary ingredients include Super CitriMax®, ChromeMate®, UC-II®, Aller-7®, OptiBerry®, L-OptiZinc®, Protykin® and ZMA®.

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All American Pharmaceutical

Founded in 1984, All American Pharmaceutical is a leading manufacturer of dietary, food and nutritional supplements specialising in producing private label and custom formulations for almost anything from General Health and Sports Nutrition to anti-aging products and food products. All American Pharmaceutical are also the exclusive manufacturer and patent holder of the branded ingredient Kre-Alkalyn® and also produce Karbo-Lyn®.

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  • artichoke extract

    In natural medicine, artichoke leaves are used to stimulate the kidneys and the flow of bile from the liver and gallbladder. It is traditionally classified as a ‘bitter’ and has been used to assist digestion. The major active components are sesquiterpene, lactone, cynarin and Caffeoylquinic acids. Artichoke leaf has been shown to lower cholesterol.

  • echinacea

    Research has show echinacea has immune stimulating properties, and potent antiseptic and antibiotic actions. It has been shown to increase bodily resistance to infections, viruses and diseases, increasing white blood cells. This makes it an excellent treatment for fighting colds and flu.

  • green tea extract

    Green tea contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), a powerful antioxidant - at least 100 more times more effective than vitamin C - at protecting cells and DNA from damage believed to be linked to cancer, heart disease, and other serious illnesses. It also helps metabolise fat and aids weight management.

  • vitamin d3 cholcalciferol

    Vitamin D, dubbed 'the sunshine vitamin', is fat-soluble and naturally present in very few foods. It is essential for promoting calcium absorption in the gut and maintaining adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations to enable normal mineralisation of bone and bone growth. It also modulates nueromuscular and immune function.


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