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Our mission: To enable our customers to create the very best products, through our commitment to market knowledge, technical expertise, innovation and the highest quality ingredients.

Support: At CCL, you will find a dedicated and approachable team who have over sixty years combined experience in the nutritional and health food industries, both in ingredients and in the manufacture of finished products. This ensures the important questions that are asked on a daily basis are answered quickly, with a deep understanding of the intricate nature of the products we supply.

Unsurpassed service: We have a tradition of setting the highest standards of quality for our products, team and methods, to provide an unsurpassed level of service that is tailored to you. We go to great lengths to find the most innovative ingredient solutions from around the globe, and hold enormous levels of stock with up to 1400 different product lines, which help our clients meet the tight deadlines of the modern world.

Quality matters: We are dedicated to ensuring our products are excellent quality, with regular independent testing in the UK with UKAS approved laboratories. Liaising with stringently selected manufacturers, whom we audit in person in line with our quality accreditations, we ensure a consistent supply of high-quality ingredients to our clients.

Batch Certificates of Analysis are supplied with every product in every delivery we make, and all goods also come with a full specification sheet. We will also gladly assist with any specific information about any of our products, just call us, email us, or fax us.

With modern quality systems backing up our envied customer service, CCL has surpassed the Quality Standard ISO 9001/2001 since 2001. We also now hold an accreditation for FEMAS/EFSIS, and were the first UK ingredients company to be awarded the Informed Sport site accreditation as a supplier of sports nutrition ingredients which have been tested against the IOC and WADA banned substances lists. (Please see ‘Accreditations’ section for more information).

Efficient delivery: With years of experience in the field of global distribution, CCL welcomes enquiries from the UK and overseas. Overnight delivery anywhere in England, Wales & Scotland is usually available for stock items, and our overseas clients can enjoy a 3-4 day lead-time on deliveries from stock.

We constantly aim to be at the top of the league for quality and professionalism in all we do. We endeavour to source any product upon request from around the globe to bring you what you need, when you need it. Our systems have been specifically implemented to ensure the sourcing of your raw materials is as trouble-free as possible, and we aim to be as flexible as possible. And of course, offer competitive prices!

Our aim is to listen to you and understand your supply needs.

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A - Z of Ingredients

Featured Products:

  • artichoke extract

    In natural medicine, artichoke leaves are used to stimulate the kidneys and the flow of bile from the liver and gallbladder. It is traditionally classified as a ‘bitter’ and has been used to assist digestion. The major active components are sesquiterpene, lactone, cynarin and Caffeoylquinic acids. Artichoke leaf has been shown to lower cholesterol.

  • echinacea

    Research has show echinacea has immune stimulating properties, and potent antiseptic and antibiotic actions. It has been shown to increase bodily resistance to infections, viruses and diseases, increasing white blood cells. This makes it an excellent treatment for fighting colds and flu.

  • green tea extract

    Green tea contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), a powerful antioxidant - at least 100 more times more effective than vitamin C - at protecting cells and DNA from damage believed to be linked to cancer, heart disease, and other serious illnesses. It also helps metabolise fat and aids weight management.

  • vitamin d3 cholcalciferol

    Vitamin D, dubbed 'the sunshine vitamin', is fat-soluble and naturally present in very few foods. It is essential for promoting calcium absorption in the gut and maintaining adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations to enable normal mineralisation of bone and bone growth. It also modulates nueromuscular and immune function.


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